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How It Works

Rent a Car in 3 Easy Steps

Choose Vehicle

1. Choose Your Ride

Browse our diverse selection of vehicles, from compact cars to spacious SUVs, and select the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Make Reservation

2. Make a Reservation

Book your chosen vehicle online in just a few clicks. Specify the dates, times, and any additional features you require for your journey.

Choose Locations

3. Pick Up and Go

Arrive at our designated rental location at your scheduled time, present your valid driver's license and payment method, complete the paperwork, and drive off into your adventure!

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Traffic rules are managed to confirm safety on the roads.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Rental car deals often include discounts, special promotions, or package offers on car rentals, providing customers with cost-saving opportunities and added value during their rental experience.

We operate throughout UAE, offering our rental car services across the all the states includin Dubai, Abu Dabhi, Sharjah etc. and its surrounding areas to ensure convenient access for our customers.

When renting a car in UAE Stats, you typically need to provide a valid passport as identification and a valid phone number for communication purposes. These documents are essential for verification and to ensure a smooth rental process.

You'll need a valid UAE driving license to rent a car in Dubai. Some rental companies may accept licenses from other countries, so check beforehand.

If the car breaks down during your rental period, contact our 24/7 roadside assistance for immediate support. We'll ensure prompt assistance and, if necessary, provide a replacement vehicle to minimize any inconvenience.

Yes credit card approval is made on your credit card to cover unpaid expenses like salik ,traffic fines and damages during the time of the rental.

For Residents 1. Copy of Passport 2. Copy of Resident Visa 3. UAE Driving License 4. Credit Card For Tourists 1. Copy of Passport 2. Copy of Visit Visa 3. US, Canada, EU, GCC or International Driving License 4. Credit Card

The supplier of this vehicle needs the driver to be minimum 23 years of age.

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